Diane Woodhouse began as an Interior Designer for a highly recognized Makeup Studio in 2000. She later began working in the Film Industry for A-List actors by setting up homes (local and abroad), coordinating schedules/locations, thus transitioning into a personal Production Coordinator and Designer for these clients on various large bugeted feature films. In 2005, Diane began managing a Special Makeup Effects facility in Burbank, CA, that later turned into one of Hollywood’s most elite providers of Makeup FX. In 2009, Diane’s focus shifted back to her roots of design, which led her into assisting some of the most pronounced Production Designers in Film & Television, as well as working directly with Academy Award winning Directors.

Project Reelist is the resume and portfolio of  Production Coordinator Diane Woodhouse. This is the ‘melting pot’ of experience, knowledge and outward thinking acquired while pacing with the Film Industry’s most elite players. The combination of these elements has proven to be the backbone of success throughout three major divisions of the Film Industry: Studio Production, Special Makeup Effects and Production Design. The Production Staff is the backbone for Prep, Production and Wrap for any Principal Photography. Whether Television, Feature Film or Commercial, coordinating techniques and skills assist in a pleasant and successful experience. Jumping through hoops is the nature of the business, but doing it with a smile is a bonus.

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